Large Foam Herbicide Dispenser

large foam herbicide dispenser - for dispensing herbicide or weed killer as a foam
This is our largest manual precision weed killer system.  With our foam systems, you can precisely target weeds with less drift, spatter or waste. You can do foliar, spot, and wiping treatments.
  • 1 liter; 1 quart capacity
  • foliar and extension nozzles
  • mesh brush for precision wiping applications
  • heavy duty brass fittings
  • durable Viton (R) seals
For extra-thick foam, we recommend adding our Blue Foaming Agent.
Large Foam Herbicide Dispenser - Use Instructions.
A Repair Kit including all essential seals and valves is also available.  To install replacement seals, view this video: "Maintaining the Large Foam Herbicide Dispenser from Green Shoots - Replacing Seals and Removing Clogs."
    $ 67.00