This page contains all sorts of Customers include: United States Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, state and local parks and wildlife refuges, and not-for-profit habitat restoration groups.  Having users like these is testimonial in itself.

What our customers are saying:

Dave L., Virginia: My main lawn problem is orchard grass, but I also have some spurge and oxalis issues.  Your product is exceptionally easy to use. Love the ability to control application to a specific spot without over spray or drift.   I am very satisfied with the product quality, design and results!  I wish I had found this product earlier in the year.

Mary K., Minnesota: "I’ve been using your product for several years now. It’s amazing and I’ve told lots of my gardening friends about it. I first bought it to use on some thistle that was growing close to some rose bushes where I was afraid of using other products. I’ve also found it effective on Japanese Knotweed and Reed Canary Grass. I like that I can be so precise about the application, and that the blue foam helps me keep track of what I’ve treated. I generally try to avoid using chemicals but this feels like a very responsible way to get the job done."

Lisa A., Texas: "I just wanted to let you know that your product is a game-changer for me.  I am trying to use native plants in my large, suburban garden, but I can’t always keep up with finding and taking out the unwanted plants that birds and wind bring onto the property.  Sometimes the woody species that I don’t want are too hard for me to dig out by the time I find them grown up in mass plantings. I hated using plain herbicide because I couldn’t see where it went—either on my plants or on me!  Your product is a great help in giving my native plants a good, safe start in the competition.  I also appreciated your time on the phone helping me adjust the formula to use on grasses and vines. I’ve already recommended your product to several gardener friends, and I would think that even people who aren’t using native plants would be interested in your product.  I’m sure there are other people like me who are a little uncomfortable with using herbicide if they can’t see and control it’s placement.   Good luck with sales of this fantastic product."

Eddie D., Massachusetts: “Based on your advice and my persistence, the entire 6 foot bush of Japanese knotweed was killed. I see no sprouts this spring. . . . I am very pleased.”

Cori W., Missouri: "My husband and I are ecological restoration volunteers in east-central Missouri. We cut and treat stumps of privet and bush honeysuckle. The tissue-hugging dollops I am able to produce via the use of your Manual Foam Herbicide Dispenser and Blue Foaming Agent allows me to apply the minimal amount of chemical. We have a higher kill result since the chemical stays on the plant surface longer. Better management of chemical use is both economical for us while environmentally safer for our natural community."

Tom S., Ohio: “I find the large applicator useful for demonstrations in my Weeds class at the college where I teach.  Around the house it is our preferred means of weed control.”

Julia B., Pennsylvania: "I've really loved using both the small and the large dispensers, and have recommended them to other.  AND will be taking my large to a daughter and a friend to take care of THEIR weeds... especially the THISTLES."

John G., Connecticut: "I purchased and used your product with outstanding results last fall on Japanese knotweed that had been allowed to grow undisturbed for 40 years. Now it is mostly gone and I want to let you know that we are thrilled with how well your product works."

Matt S., invasive species manager, New Jersey: Your small foaming bottles are amazing and work really well for the type of invasive species management I do. It is beneficial to use this tool when invasive species are beginning to crowd out native plants. It allows the applicator to hone in and focus just on the cut stems of the invasive plants while protecting the native species around it, giving the native species a fighting chance.

Tom G., professional forester, Vermont:  I've been meaning to get in contact with you - I've been doing a lot of cut stump with the dispenser, and I have to say I love it!

Roy M., New Jersey: I ordered 3 of your smaller foaming bottles and have been using it with GREAT success at the family's tree farm in central Pennsylvania for lopping invasives and immediately foaming the stem(s).

Dave L., Massachusetts: It's a dream! I’m using a hundredth of the amount of RoundUp I previously used and it works beautifully in all tight spaces.  The large foam dispenser will replace the Sure Shot cans I’ve been using.

Linda R., New Jersey: Yes, we bought 8 from you last year and used them all season long. My guys LOVED them and we began using them exclusively instead of our usual spray bottles when we were using glyphosate. We used a lot less herbicide with them and found them easy to carry on the hiking trails.

Elizabeth L., OhioYou asked me to tell you how it did this season in my flower beds (that were heavily filled with Canada Thistle that I could never get control over with hand-weeding): it worked. For the first time since we have lived in this house (9 years) there is NO Canada Thistle growing and crowding out my flowers. It took hours to foam the growing tips of the hundreds of thistles but it only had to be done once, and then spot-foam the stragglers that were missed the first time as they appeared. At the end of the season now and no thistles.

This is a great product and needs to be marketed more. I only found out about it by looking for help with the thistle on YouTube after exhausting everything else. In a dense flower bed spraying for weeds is not an option. The foam method is perfect for this kind of weed situation and uses only enough herbicide to do the job. . . .  It is a good product and delivery system. It has advantages that are absent with other weed-killing methods. If I knew this existed years ago my thistle problem would have been solved already.

Ethan C., Utah: I like the colored foam! I used the regular kind to attack the Tree of Heaven infestation in my yard last year, and it did a great job of keeping the small ones from re-sprouting.

Chris S., California: product is great. >50% of the value is in your Youtube videos. You just have to find a way to get people to watch.

Stacie C., Virginia: It's worked extremely well so far on the chameleon plant. labor intensive (we apply it to each plant after cutting it off) but totally worth it.

 Nick N., Ohio: This product is great. I'm so happy I purchased this for my bull thistles. It kills them in about 4 days. Will be ordering more in the next week.