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Cutting Spade

Cutting Spade

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We took a great spade, the Pro-Lite Transplanter from Radius®, and made it better by
adding a factory-set cutting edge. This spade now slices effortlessly through roots and compacted soil.

Use our cutting spade for:

  • Digging through roots, sod, or compacted ground
  • Transplanting perennials
  • Dividing perennials
  • Grubbing out shrubs or small trees
  • Severing the roots and killing invasive woody or perennial plants

Don’t be fooled by spades with exotic blade designs. Digging and slicing through roots is a cutting operation. That’s why this spade’s shape and sharp edge resemble tried-and-true cutting implements like a butcher’s knife or cleaver.

We include with our spade a stainless-steel scrubber and a blade guard. The scrubber works great for cleaning dirt off your spade. The blade guard protects the edge.

Spade specifications:

  • Size: Blade Length = 11.5", Blade Width = 8", Total Length = 44.5", Weight: 4lbs.,
  • Material: heat-tempered, carbon steel blade, fiberglass shaft, polypropylene and TPE grip.
  • US Patents: 7,836,557, 8,006,351, D569,697, D579,288.
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