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Precision Foam Weed Killer Kit - Small

Precision Foam Weed Killer Kit - Small

No weed killing system on the market is more precise! Kill invasive weeds and not your desirable plants in gardens, planting beds, native prairies, woodlands.  This Small Kit contains everything you need:

  • Small Precision Foam Herbicide Dispenser;
  • 2 oz bottle Blue Foaming Agent;
  • 16 oz bottle Herbicide Concentrate (Glyphosate 41%).

Registered in WA.  Not for sale in CA or ID.

This Package has enough herbicide to treat about 250 to 350 trees that are 3 inches in diameter.  Questions about your project?  Contact us!

NOTE: Our shipping costs are routinely about $12 to $16 for this kit. If you are charged more than this, please let us know.

$ 36.50

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