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Stem Injector

Stem Injector

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Green Shoots now offers a stem injector that is easy-to-use, comfortable, and economical.  The stem injector works especially well for injecting herbicide into the hollow stems of invasive knotweed. 

The advantages of injection are:

  • Highly effective
  • Precise
  • Usable in rainy conditions and near water bodies

Our kit contains:

  • The injector with:
    • Contoured, full hand-grip reduces fatigue
    • Adjustment mechanism for precise dosing from 0 to 6 milliliters
  • Three 12-gauge needles - stout stainless steel
  • Three plastic needle covers
  • Wrench for tightening needles on injector
  • Three empty reservoir bottles with caps: 12 oz. (355 ml) for use with the injector
  • White paint marker for making highly visible marks on treated stems 


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