Blue Foaming Agent; 16oz

16 oz blue foaming agent
Add this mild, non-ionic surfactant to the herbicide to produce great foam and it's blue, so you can easily see what you have treated! The foaming agent (51% active ingredient) is a plant extract (sugar and a fatty alcohol), so it has superior biodegradability. The blue colorant is a food dye: FD&C Blue #1.
This bottle is enough for about 17 refills of the Large Foam Herbicide Dispenser or about 17 to 25 liters (4.5 to 6.6 gallons) of herbicide spray solution.
Not for sale in CA, ID, WA.  The Foaming Agent does not contain herbicide (i.e., weedkiller).  That is sold separately.
Contact us about larger sizes: 32 and 64 oz.
$ 14.00