New! Electronic Dispenser

Our newest dispenser is our most revolutionary - the ultra low pressure electronic dispenser (patent pending).  There is really nothing else like it on the market.  The key is ultra-low pressure that you can dial in with the on-board computer with high precision (down to 0.2 psi). 

Why ultra-low pressure?  It is the most precise way to apply herbicides - either with spray or foam.

For spraying, think of it this way: conventional dispensers use high pressure that thrusts fine spray particles at high velocity at the target.  This velocity causes spray drops to break apart into smaller ones that easily move off-target and drift.  Moreover, these small droplets quickly dry decreasing their uptake by the target weed.

Our ultra-low pressure dispenser releases medium sized drops at far lower velocity.  The drops stay on course and break apart less.  The drops also bounce and spatter less.  This means more precise, on-target spray and less drift!  And, coverage is just as good as with traditional sprayers.  Compare below spray drops on leaves where the drops were dispensed at 10 and 30 psi.  Once on the leaves, the coverage is just as good!

Moreover, because this dispenser uses ultra-low pressure, the battery pack and motor can be smaller.  The total weight of the power cap, tank, and backpack is only about 10 lbs.!

And, battery life is still exceptional - if you are spraying liquid drops, the battery can go more than a full day - likely up to 2 or even 3 days on a charge.  (Dispensing foam can deplete the battery faster.)

As to dispensing foam, the Electronic Dispenser works great.  The wand gives you extended reach.  This works exceptionally well for wiping foam on foliage and doing cut stump treatments.

In the first year (2017), we will only be selling a limited number of units, primarily to professionals with a strong need for this product.  If you are interested, please contact us!